As of 8/10/21, JDF Studios will no longer be offering hockey mask blanks, straps and chevrons.


This is an unfortunate decision. But, due to the overwhelming amount of drama and resentment in the mask making community over these items, I simply can no longer continue offering them.


Drama in the mask making community has always been thing, but with so many making these masks now (as a business), the drama and in-fighting within the community is constant, nasty, and just never ending.


Everyone in the community seems to be at each others throats over these hockey masks, and all this hostility has gotten to be a bit too much for me. It's actually reached a point where it's really become a detriment to my health and well-being.

I know my decision will disappoint a lot of fans. And I am truly sorry. But I have to do what is best for me.

Many have asked if I would be closing up shop, and the answer is no, I will not be closing up shop. From this point on I'll be focusing on non hockey mask related projects. Perhaps I'll offer painted hockey masks in the future, since I do enjoy making hockey masks. But, I'm not doing the supplier thing anymore. So, not closing. Just changing gears.



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I've been receiving a lot of messages from mask painters/resellers, asking if I would sell hockey mask blanks under the table. Under no circumstances will I be selling hockey mask blanks. I am done being a "supplier". So please respect my decision.

I am also not going to sell molds, templates, master castings, etc. Nor will I provide information on how to make molds, templates, etc. I am not going to help one recast other makers masks. And that's what providing such information will lead to. So don't bother asking. Your message will only be ignored.


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